Spinach Ice Cubes (For Smoothies!)

IMG_0905I love smoothies. I also really love adding everything and anything healthy into my food. So, when I found out you could tuck away some spinach into a smoothie without even tasting it I was pumped! However, here is the problem…mooshy gooshy spinach. I can NEVER seem to get through a bag of spinach without it going all mooshy goosh on me. I rarely buy it because Paul doesn’t care for it and I can rarely eat enough of it before it goes bad, BUT I love it in smoothies! So what is a girl to do? Spinach Ice Cubes!

A co-worker told me she saw a pin on Pinterest for these and knew I would be interested. Does she know me well or what? Obviously as soon as I had a free minute I researched these and made them. I found a pretty simple tutorial that I used but I also tried a much simplier version as well. I will give you the deets on both!

IMG_0906Pureed Spinach Ice Cubes

  • Water
  • Spinach

Use as much spinach as you want and put it into your food processor or blender. Add enough water for it to blend. Blend it enough so that you can pour it into an ice cube tray. Freeze.

Easy peasy! But I also did an even simpler method that I think I like much better.

Unpureed Spinach Ice Cubes

  • Water
  • Spinach

Literally cram a few leaves of spinach into each empty ice cube spot. I used baby spinach so this process was pretty easy. If you have bigger leaves, just tear them up and pop into the tray. Pour enough water to cover the spinach. Freeze!
IMG_0907Doesn’t get any easier than that right? I figured, why blend up the spinach when it will end up being blended in the smoothie anyways? Not to mention it was much less messy and I didn’t lose any of the spinach to the blender or food processor in the process. Let me know what way you like best!


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