Products I Love: Proper Hydration

I feel like it is my duty to share this wonderful product that I have absolutely love with all of you! As I have mentioned before, I ran my first half marathon in 2010 and I struggled, despite a lot of training. However, I learned that in order for your body to succeed you need to fuel it properly, and I was absolutely not doing that. After I completed the race and swore to never run again, my sister informed me of this wonderful product she learned about in her training group. These Nuun Active Hydration Tablets are a godsend!Image Once I purchased my beloved hydration pack, I started popping half a tablet into one water bottle on shorter run days (Between 6-8 miles) and a full one on longer day runs. (9-13 miles). I immediately felt in a difference while I was running, as well as after I was done.

Generally speaking, I only drink Nuun when running, but they have been on my mind a lot due to the heat wave. Last week I was experiencing nausea, headaches and a lot of stomach cramping despite all the water I drink throughout the day. After making a comment about it to a co-worker she suggested I drink some Gatorade as I could be dehydrated. Well duh! That made sense. Of course, I will probably never drink Gatorade ever again after using the Nuun tablets. These tablets definitely trump the syrupy, sweet Gatorade beverage and come in all sorts of great flavors that you can dilute at your own will. My favorite are Pink Lemonade and Tri-Berry. I am sure you can guess, that as the heat wave has continued in full force I stand by my Nuun. I have been drinking one tablet a day in 16 ounces of water and feel a hell of a lot better. If I feel like I’m getting a heat-related headache or feeling unnaturally fatigued I’ve been popping a Nuun tablet, and doing so guilelessly, because at only 8 calories and 1g of sugar you really cant go wrong. Try them!!!